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Fall sick often? Here’s what’s probably going wrong!

If you're one of those who sleep well, eat healthily and yet keep falling sick – you need to give...

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Fall sick often? Here’s what’s probably going wrong!

If you’re one of those who sleep well, eat healthily and yet keep falling sick – you need to give this scenario thought! Why are you falling ill despite all the precaution and care? There must be some cause which is making your body prone to illnesses – here’s probably what’s going wrong – check it out:

Unclean homes/environment:
Whether you’re at home or at your workplace, you need to make sure it’s all clean, spic and span. Cluttering your home with unnecessary things not only brings in clumsy vibes but also becomes a breeding ground for dust and insects. Try decluttering your home and bringing in the breezy vibe. The same things apply to your workplace. Also, keep the windows open and let the fresh breeze and sunlight come in every day. Start doing it, and you’ll notice the difference. Clean the nooks and corners, and also, get your mattresses cleaned often – they’re a storehouse of dust mites, which are a cause for frequent common cold.


Most people eat healthy, sleep well – just to avoid the tedious task of exercising! But the truth is that exercise is unavoidable – you cannot compensate lack of exercise with anything else. Exercise helps you boost your energy levels, metabolism as well as enables you to get rid of unwanted fats in your body. So make exercise a part of your daily routine and watch how you feel fresh as a flower throughout the week – and not fall prey to illnesses often. Make an exercise schedule and motivate yourself to follow it regularly. Choose whichever exercise form you love and make sure you get your dose of energy every day.

Despite doing everything possible if you’re still falling ill, check on allergies. Sometimes, the most simple of all allergies cause outrageous symptoms – so if you’re prone to falling sick, watch what you eat. If anything is causing that dreaded allergy in you, either avoid eating it completely or check with a doctor if you can get rid of it via medications.


If you have low immunity, no amount of healthy food and habits will help you. So you have to do everything you can to boost your immunity and take extra care to keep yourself away from illnesses especially during change in temperatures and seasons. Talk to your doctor and work upon your immunity – its the best solution if you have immunity issues.

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